Synthesis Haircuts is Now MBH Winnebago


Rick Schwalbach is now a co-owner of Midwest Beauty House. Same great haircuts, just one door down.


Midwest Beauty House | Winnebago
1969 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704

Location & Hours

Midwest Beauty House | Winnebago is located at 1969 Winnebago Street in the Schenk’s Corner Neighborhood at the intersection of Winnebago and Atwood. We’re right next to One Barrel Brewing Company and across the street from Bar Corallini.

Monday: 2pm-8pm
Tuesday: 3pm-9pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 4pm-8pm
Saturday 9am-3pm

For appointments call:  608.219.0202

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Neighborhood Roots

Our modest two-chair beauty shop has an impressive history. Gibbs Barber Shop was originally owned by Gilbert Westbrook and was the first barber shop we of know that operated in our space. Westbrook sold the business to Iver Kalbacken who ran the shop from 1957 until 1962 when he retired and was greatly missed by the community. The shop was taken over by Don Hufford until Flagstad Flowers opened here in 1970. Following a forty-year hiatus in the beauty trade, we are honored to bring the shop back to life with our 2016 opening.

Where are the Ladies?

Looking for Alice, Robyn, Denise, Ashley & Alyssa? They’ve moved down the street to our second location at 2334 Atwood Ave. 

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