Haircut Services

The Special

Consultation, shampoo, and haircut appointment which includes a daily style option

One hour appointment.

The Classic

Includes everything in “The Special” along with added service time for focus on styling education. Perfect for a new client or if you need help with your daily routine.

One hour and 15 minutes.

The Deluxe

Includes everything in “The Classic” along with styling for a special event or night out on the town.

One and a half hour appointment.

The Short

Includes consultation and haircut appointment for short hair. This is a perfect option for someone who likes to keep every short hair in place. This appointment is for someone who needs clipper work or is getting their hair cut every four weeks.

45-Minute appointment.

The Extra

This is a clean up appointment for someone who already has
bangs and just needs them cleaned up or has short hair and
needs clean up work done around the ears and neck.

15-minute appointment.


Let’s Chat

A color consultation appointment is required for all new color clients and for clients looking for a big color change. We will chat about options and come up with an approach to your color that is best for you based on the condition and texture of your hair, desired maintenance, and overall esthetic.

We will perform a patch test if requested for clients with sensitivities and may also do a test strand to test the hair’s condition depending on what has been done to the hair previously.

At the time of the consult, we will set up a future appointment to receive your color service. You will be quoted an estimated price at the time of the consultation. Prices vary depending on application process and amount of color used. There is no charge for the consultation appointment.

15-minute appointment

Full Color

One solid color application all over that pretty little head.

30-minute application/45-minute processing/15-minute rinse


Get rid of those greys or freshen up that color. This appointment is for someone who has had color services in the past four to six weeks.

30-minute application/45-minute processing/15-minute rinse


Adding darker or lighter pieces to your current base color. This is a full foil application.

45-minute application/45-minute processing/15-minute rinse and dry

Partial Highlights

Adding darker or lighter pieces to your current base color on the crown of the head and hairline around the face.

45-minute application/45-minute processing/15-minute rinse and dry


This is a painting color technique that can be applied from roots to ends for that sun kissed or very natural look or can be used to create a blended effected with color transitioning for dark to light.

2 hour appointment

Bleach and Tone

This is a process of pre lightening the hair to a light blonde and then applying a second color to refine the blonde or for high-fashion colors such as pink.

3 hour appointment


Already had your hair lightened and just need to brighten up that blonde? Maybe you need to freshen up those blue ends? This appointment is for you.

30-minute application/30-minute processing/15-minute rinse

Brow Tint

Want to define your brows and make those eyes pop without filling them in every day? Richen them up with a little tint.

5-minute application/25-minute processing time

Color Correction

You had a bad at-home experience or need to make a major change in the direction of your color. Color correction appointments can only be booked after a consultation with a beauty operator. Price is based on number of hours for the service performed and the amount of color used.

Style Services

The Blow Out

Blow out appointment or a daily style option elevated to an evening look.

45-minute appointment.

The Party

Event hair style for mid-length hair or easy updo.

One hour appointment time.

Add-On Style

Want some more sophisticated styling along with your color service? Book this appointment to give your beauty operator a little more time to play after your color appointment.

15-minute appointment.

Makeup Services

The Fresh Face

Make-up application for daily wear or a work engagement.

30-minute appointment

The Event

Full make-up application for special event or photo shoot.

One hour appointment

The Lesson

This appointment is perfect if you are looking to freshen up on basic skills or try a new make-up look.

One and a half hour appointment

The Touch Up

Freshen up your look or just focus on the eyes. This is a mini make-up application.

15-minute appointment

The False Lash

Application of false strip lashes or individuals lashes. Lashes will only last one to two days. This is not an appointment for lash extensions.

15-minute appointment

The Wedding

Bridal or bridesmaid make-up appointment for the big day or to practice application options for the big event. False lashes are $15 extra.

One and a half hour appointment


Brow Wax

Brow shaping and wax appointment. Make those eyes pop.

15-minute appointment

Face Wax

Add taking care of the rest of the unwanted hair with your brows!

30-minute appointment